Schools director hopes for a great year

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What a difference a year makes! I have enjoyed my first year in Marshall County and remain full of anticipation for what the teachers, students, community and I can do to create a world-class school system. The Chalkboard column was dedicated last year to providing Marshall County citizens with information about federal and state initiatives that are affecting all public schools. Our school system is working diligently under these new directives. This year The Chalkboard will be focused on informing the public about our specific school system programs and initiatives. I would like to begin by sharing the school board's mission statement: "Investing in the future by maximizing the potential of all students."

I also think it is important at this time to share my goals for Marshall County schools. They are to:

* Develop the human resource department, which will recruit, train, and support the district's employees.

* Employ a full time elementary supervisor, technology supervisor, special education supervisor, and testing coordinator who will support the principals, staff, and students of the district.

* Develop an organizational chart with a chain of command and accountability. Each employee will have a contract and a job description.

* Develop performance contracts for principals and supervisors, which hold them accountable for every student's success.

* Develop a support staff pay scale to recognize experience and education.

* Improve communication with regular meetings of principals and supervisors.

* Develop consistency in expectations and accountability. Administrative procedures are being created for the day-to-day operation of the district. These procedures will reflect school board policy.

* Be present in the schools weekly and meet with school faculties on a quarterly basis.

* Equalize student opportunities across the district.

* Examine future needs of schools and create appropriate building plans.

* Develop more consistency on academic recognition.

* Raise the achievement levels of all students by improving our instructional time, curriculum, resources, testing, and intervention.

* Live within our means without sacrificing services.

* Develop a student advisory board for the director that will meet quarterly.

* Build trust within the entire school community

These goals have given us a focus for improvement this year. Some of these goals cause real change for our district. Change is a process of growing and improvement, and change always comes with lots of hard work.

My door is always open. Please come up to Jones Circle, behind the Marshall County Memorial Library in Lewisburg, and sit and chat a while. We are one community - Marshall County Public Schools - and together we will create a world-class education for all our children.