Fundraising starting for CSVFD

Wednesday, August 5, 2009
Votes are counted for one of the officers on the new fire department board at Caney Spring.

CANEY SPRING - More than twice as much money as needed immediately was raised within 10 minutes at Caney Spring Baptist Church where directors were elected Sunday afternoon for a new volunteer fire department.

Of the $254 donated, $110 will be provided to attorney Lee Bowles of Lewisburg who's volunteered to fill out and file an application so the Caney Spring Volunteer Fire Department can obtain tax-free status, according to Marshall County Commissioner E.W. Hill.

Hill was promoted to president of the CSVFD from chairman of a steering committee to organize the group that met three weeks earlier in Grace Church Ministries.

Attending Sunday, among some two dozen area residents, was Marshall County Emergency Management Agency Director Bob Hopkins who said, "If you're going to collect money, you're going to have to have a treasurer." That means the group needed a president and other officers for a board.

Chapel Hill Town Administrator Mike Hatten nominated Hill to be president and the vote was unanimous.

Hatten was nominated by Bob Klaren to be vice president. Paul Rigsby nominated Wayne Stafford to be vice president. Hatten was elected 11-8.

The informal election was conducted in an orderly fashion with Debbie Hill elected secretary, Jennifer Stafford as treasurer and five at-large members: Mike Akin, Tony Buchholz, Bob Klaren, Wayne Stafford and Mark Wilkerson.

There was a consensus of the group meeting under the Baptist pavilion that terms of office would be for one year, although that with such groups, leaders typically remain in office for as long as they're willing to serve.

Once the board of directors was created, Hill announced the need to provide Bowles with $110 to pay a filing fee for the tax-free status. Women dug into purses. Men pulled out billfolds.

"Usually, the president, treasurer and a fund raising committee member make most of the decisions," Klaren commented about new volunteer organizations.

The newly-elected treasurer, Jennifer Stafford, counted the money, fanned it out to display the cash and checks, and then declared the total as $254.

Various other methods of raising money were discussed and Kathy Orr of the Farmington Volunteer Fire Department announced that VFD would be conducting a womenless beauty pageant on Sept. 26 at Lewisburg Middle School.

"We do want to be a part of that fundraiser," Hill told Orr who promises more detailed announcements on how the event will be conducted and how it can be financially rewarding for all involved.