Confehr: Cheesy arguments on this, that and the other

Friday, August 14, 2009

Abortion remains a political issue and regardless of your position on the subject that's so personal, there are less controversial things that may have a greater impact on your life in Marshall County.

As economic developers strive to persuade businesses to build a "sit-down" restaurant here, it's clear some residents find nice places to eat when they want a night on the town to give Mom a break, or to be on a date as a couple or with friends.

It's nice to hear it's still going on since the economic meltdown last fall. Meanwhile, a county leader reported a chain of events that's recognized elsewhere and explained here as detrimental to the economic health of communities like ours.

The latest example is a family that went to the Chuck E. Cheese restaurant in Cool Springs. After the meal, our friend's sister went shopping across the street at a big box store that advertises low prices, always. The friend said she should shop here. The sales tax helps the county.

The big store's prices here are lower than those at the same brand of store in Cool Springs. The price of gas is cheaper here, too. The difference is that purchases here send send sales tax money to our city and county budgets. Now is the time to pull together and spend where it helps our community.

So, what's this got to do with abortion? It's all in knowing how the system works. It's part of the socio-economic circumstances we face.

The latest issue on abortion is opposition to government funding of such. If there are government-funded abortions, and it could happen, one might ask about the circumstances.

A Murfreesboro councilman raised the issue in the mid-'90s. He was responding to a constituent's request to be sure city money wasn't paying for abortions. Attention was focused on health insurance. Turns out it's an elective procedure that's not covered unless the woman's life is in danger. It's one of the terms of employee health insurance policies in this and that town, this county and other counties, too. It's the same with breast augmentation. That elective surgery isn't covered unless it's reconstructive because of, for example, a crash. Similar policies apply to eye surgery. There were arguments over whether Rutherford County employees' health insurance should cover a pill that temporarily cures ED.

As for the councilman's motion to prevent use of that city's employee health insurance policy for abortions, it died for lack of a second.

That was when Chuck E. Cheese sought to open a restaurant in that town and a preacher objected because beer is served at those restaurants which include attractions for children and claim a family atmosphere.

Chuck E. Cheese went to Cool Springs and it's clear that folks go there for that dining experience, regardless of advise from others, or apparently the economy.

Meanwhile, I believe women who "get in trouble" are deciding more often to have their babies. Other measures are reducing those circumstances and while there are honest disagreements over right and wrong, there are many, many issues to confront.

How often can you prevent an abortion? Not as often as you can help fix your county's budget.