Schools will take over county maintenance

Friday, August 21, 2009

School board employees will be doing maintenance on County buildings, according to a decision approved at the board meeting last week.

"Sheldon (Davis) and I met with the County's building committee," reported director of schools Stan Curtis. "They made the proposal that we take over the maintenance of county buildings.

"My recommendation is to approve it and give it a try," Curtis continued. "It will be very good public relations to try and work with the commission. Let's see if we can do it for a year."

"The schools have priority, right?" asked board member Randy Perryman.

"Yes," replied Curtis. "We will be hiring two people to mainly work on County buildings. We wanted to see what we could do for our County."

"We felt like this was the best proposal for the County," said commissioner Mickey King, chairman of both the building and maintenance committee and the budget committee. We would like 90 days to evaluate the arrangement - we're willing to do anything we need to do."

We're talking about $94,000 for two employees and a 10 percent supplement for Sheldon," Curtis explained.

"They would be school system employees?" asked school board member Kristen Gold.

"Yes," Curtis replied.

"Do we need to submit a revised budget?" inquired Gold.

"Yes," said budget director Janet Wiles.

"I'm not comfortable with the supplement for Sheldon," said board member Craig Michael. "A teacher doesn't get more because she has more students in her class to supervise. It's a poor time to spend money for something like this."

"I believe this is the best thing for County tax payers," said board member Curt Denton. "I move we accept this, excluding the 10 percent supplement for Sheldon."

"We could leave the supplement open for discussion," added board member Mike Keny.

"Yes," said Denton. "I want to approve the scope of work only."

The motion carried unanimously, 8-0 (board member Dee Dee Owens was absent).

"It's a priority to get the air conditioning units installed in the junior high dressing rooms at Cornersville," Denton added. "With this weather, the kids who are practicing have got to have a place to cool off."