County represented for two events

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

An organizer of Tea Party events in Lewisburg went to Murfreesboro on Monday to see U.S. Rep. Bart Gordon at his Town Hall meeting on the campus of Middle Tennessee State University.

"I was the only one, at least that I saw, from Marshall County, but I may have missed someone," Sherry Ferguson said Tuesday.

Ferguson and three others went to Murfreesboro on Saturday for an information meeting on health care legislation. Rutherford County has a free clinic supported by the community. Such clinics are an alternative, but health insurance is important.

"Bob Ingram from Ingram Book Co. was ... telling the business side of it (proposed health insurance laws) saying there are some good things in it and some bad things in it," Ferguson said. "He'd read the whole bill."

At Gordon's town hall meeting, she said, "He had a prepared statement saying ... he cannot support a public option, a single payer system," and she wanted to hear what Gordon would say about the prospect of changing the requirement for a super majority for some actions, but she didn't get to ask the question.