Surplus furniture sale funds church

Monday, August 31, 2009

Nearly $10,000 was raised this month from an auction of used office furniture donated to a Lewisburg church by an auto manufacturer.

"The auction grossed a little over $10,000 and netted a little less than $10,000," Lewisburg Auction Gallery owner Jeff Ellis said of the sale he handled for his church, LifeSong Family Church.

"All the furniture was sold," Ellis said of the Aug. 22 sale.

The church's benefactor is a car company that moved its North American headquarters from Nashville to Franklin. The company hired a moving van business and had many desks, chairs, credenzas, file cabinets, hat trees, space dividers and meeting tables. New furniture was purchased and much of what was in Nashville was surplus.

The truck company owner asked if he could make the furniture available to a church and was told yes.

"We had 143 of one kind of chair and it only took three buyers to get rid of them," Ellis said. "They each took about 50 of them. A long office credenza was bought for $110. An office conference table got about $100. When you've got so much, the price goes down.

"One auction company bought furniture and sold much of it the next day, recovering their money and probably making a profit," he said.

"Forty to 50 people attended the auction," Ellis said.