Letter to the Editor

Letter: Don't trust government with health care

Monday, August 31, 2009

To the editor:

On Aug. 4, 1977, 32 years ago, I was in the U.S. Army stationed in Germany when President Carter with the support of the Congress, established the U.S. Department of Energy.

Now, 32 years later, the DOE has grown to a bureaucracy employing 16,000 full-time employees plus another 100,000 contract employees. Their annual congressionally funded budget is $24.2 billion. Got it?

The sole mission of the DOE, when its establishment was codified, was to reduce the United States' dependency on foreign oil.

Now this administration and its Congress wants us to allow the same geniuses who have done such an exemplary job in reducing our dependency on imported foreign oil to manage, run and ultimately dictate our banking institutions, our automotive industry and our health-care programs.

The same administration when comparing the U.S. Postal Service to UPS and FedEx, pointed out clearly that both UPS and FedEx were operating quite profitable and they aren't run by the government. Duh!

How much is a million? Really? To get it in perspective you'll have to live 114-plus years to live a million hours or 2 1/2 billion minutes. How much of our children's money are they willing to spend? Oh, by the way, a trillion seconds in right around one year and eight months.

Let's send a bi-partisan message to Rep. Gordon and Sen. Alexander that we sent them where they are and we can bring them home when they run for re-election. Tell Congress that we insist they fall under the same health-care programs that they wish to cram down our throats. I have a lot of faith in Tennessee's voters. If Barney Frank was from here -- he wouldn't be there.

Thomas A. "Drew" Davidson