Man stabbed near Chapel Hill

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Nashville man was held without bond after he said he stabbed a man near Chapel Hill last week.

His victim was transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center by helicopter, suffering from wounds to the neck and head, according to reports on file at the Marshall County Sheriff's Department.

Phillip Harber, 41, was arrested at 1190 Highway 99, after getting into an altercation there with Gregory about 8 p.m. last Wednesday.

Police were questioning witnesses at the scene when, according to the report by Det. Bob Johnson, Harber appeared from behind the trailer and said, "Are y'all looking for me? I am the one that cut him."

A knife was found behind the residence with blood on the blade.

Harber was known to the other people at the scene as "Cheeseburger." The trailer where the incident took place is owned by Michael and Randall Hargrove. Their sister Mary Carol Hargrove lives there, too.

In a, MCSD Capt. Sam Bragg wrote that Bowen was hitting Ms. Hargrove, and that was why the altercation started.

In a phone conversation, Johnson said he thought alcohol was involved.

Harber was charged with attempted criminal homicide. He was also charged with resisting arrest because he struggled with police officers and had to be subdued with Freeze +P, and restrained with leg shackles as well as handcuffs.

Before officers got the shackles on him, Harber did $500-worth of damage to the door of the patrol car by kicking it, so he was charged with vandalism as well.

Michael Hargrove had an outstanding warrant for failure to appear, so he was arrested, too.

Police officers who assisted at the scene included Johnson and Bragg; Deputies Layne Worsham and Tony Nichols; and Chapel Hill Police Department Officer Chris Speck.