Guest column: Don't jeopardize our future

Friday, September 4, 2009

As a homeschooled student now entering my junior year of college, I wish to express my outrage and disgust with the greedy and incompetent buffoons in Washington who insist on bickering and struggling for power while their constituents work 14 hour days trying to make ends meet. Instead of ceasing their endless political maneuvering and inconsequential backroom haggling to listen and obey our voice, the voice of the people who gave them their power, they run from us and our town hall meetings. They continue pushing a self-serving proposal whose plan continues to be a demonstrated failure in both Britain and Canada. Instead of sacrificing their greed for a moment to enact Tort reform which would prevent lawyers from lining their pockets by representing irresponsible jackals suing small town doctors for millions of easy dollars and thus driving malpractice insurance rates up, they continue to make speeches and get nowhere because many of them are these same lawyers.

Today I had the pleasure of attending a town hall meeting in my hometown of Lewisburg at which Senator Bob Corker was the main speaker. Thankfully, Tennesseans have the good sense to elect officials of a different caliber from the usual Washington trash. Senator Corker is a representative who knows he is there for us and came to listen to our concerns and take them to Capitol Hill.

I am both encouraged and terrified by the stories I heard from the attendees. One elderly man stood up and shared how his wife had back surgery the previous year. The bill which followed was ninety-eight thousand dollars for three hours on the operating table. He stated, and I agree, that such a ridiculous number does not have to be.

After him, a middle aged woman stood up and with a thick accent told how she had lived under the public provided health care in India and how completely it fails to provide for its patients. Everyone in India, she said, knows not to go to a public hospital because of the despicably poor service. The only reason the health care system in that country has not completely collapsed is because of the private providers. After this, she related her legal emigration and years of struggling as a small business owner and ended with an impassionate plea to Corker to require anyone who has a driver's license or votes to speak at least a basic level of English. If they are going to take our food stamps and free medical services then they should speak our language she stated. At this the entire crowd applauded her.

Finally a legal British immigrant who has worked as a medical professional in both Britain and Canada told the story of a close relative who reached the age of 89 and had a gall stone. The doctors sent her home with morphine to die. This is a common occurrence in both countries. His passion was matched by the audience when he pleaded with Corker not to support a public option in any form.

Speaking as a young student I ask the American people to rise up and fight. I have grown up believing in a dream which says this country cares about human life and self reliance. Please don't sacrifice our national soul in exchange for a set of death committees; I will have to pay the price.