9-11 still vivid in our hearts

Friday, September 11, 2009

Who would have ever thought it could happen? There we were at the Tennessee State Fair office, getting Dad's W-4 completed. Policemen gathered around the office television. Smoke was streaming from the building on the screen. Thinking it was a movie, certainly not the morning news, Dad and I went on about our business. Someone said something that caught our attention. In a surreal scene our brains worked to try to grasp what was being said. An airplane had just crashed into a tower at the World Trade Center! That scene was soon repeated.

This was a stunt scene, right? In a minute the scene would go back to the anchors and they would talk about this new movie coming out. No, this was real. People were running for their lives. Chaos ensued. After standing in a dumbfounded state for who knows how long, everyone around the TV realized we had to get back to life, which had to go on despite the chaos. Like all Americans we spent the rest of the day trying to accept reality, wondering what would happen next.

Once again I'm hurting for those families who sent their loved ones off to work that morning and never saw them again. How many times have they recounted that horrible day? If only they could turn back the clock to the few minutes before their precious love left home, or to the last visit those parents had with their adult children. September 11 of every year has to be extremely hard.

As I ponder September 11, 2001 I think of America's history--our accurate history. I think of those who have sought to destroy us. I praise God for His protection and the men who sacrificed it all in doing their part.--men like Todd Beamer and the heroes of United Airlines Flight 93, our own Mark Golzynsky and David Hierholzer, who defended the Constitution as written. I think of great statesmen like Thomas Paine and James Madison, of the strong, colorful characters like General George Patton and President Harry Truman. I think of the old song, "Where Have All the Flowers Gone?" I would revise it to include such stunning roses as the aforementioned men, even with thorns on some. Such specimens are rare these days, but I pray a bumper crop is coming on, lest we are left with nothing but pansies on the political landscape.