Local woman competing on Biggest Loser

Wednesday, September 16, 2009
Liz Young, who lives on a farm north of Chapel Hill, selected Danny Cahill of Broken Arrow, Okla., as her teammate on the NBC show The Biggest Loser. The season opener was yesterday. The second episode is to be on Tuesday night.

In about two months, Chapel Hill-area residents and friends of Liz Young will be able to see on TV what they missed when they look at her in public.

"I've lost so much weight that if you saw me walking down the street, you wouldn't recognize me," says Young, a contestant on the NBC TV show The Biggest Loser. "It's a huge transformation."

In two months, there's to be an episode of The Biggest Loser that was recorded just before Young came back to Marshall County.

The first nine episodes are "already in the can." The first show this season was last night.

Young had a homecoming at one of the picnic pavilions at Henry Horton State Park on Aug. 20 when her family, friends, the Forrest High School Band of Blue and Mayor Carl Cooper welcomed her back to South Central Tennessee.

"It's positive publicity for the town," Cooper said a few days after Young's homecoming at the park.

She weighed in at 267 pounds when taping for the show started. She was wearing a size 22 in pants and a 24-26 top.

"Since I've been home, there have been a lot of people who look at me and seem to pause and then they go on," Young said.

"I can't tell you what I'm at now," she said in a telephone interview after The Marshall County Tribune's deadline Thursday for its Friday edition, knowing that this paper couldn't blab about something that's not televised yet.

"I lost 10 pounds the first week," Young said of what's revealed on the Tuesday night show.

She's also selected a "partner" for the show; someone who becomes the other half of a two-person team for the competition. Young and Danny Cahill of Broken Arrow, Okla., are the Brown Team on the show that's scheduled to air weekly on Tuesdays.

"We had huge shoes to fill," she said because the Brown Team went to the finals last season.

"We've already filmed what y'all will be seeing in the next nine weeks," Young said. "There are to be 12 episodes, unless they add one."

She's continuing the weight loss régime on her own at home.

"I have to go back to California in October," Young said. "I don't know how many episodes we'll be filming when I go back."

Meanwhile, Young isn't buying new clothes that fit her "unrecognizable body" because, as she says, "I'm still losing weight and I'm in sweats."

Her journey to what amounts to a full-time job of exercise and proper nutrition started during a vacation.

"In Mexico last year, on the beach, I said, 'I think I'm going to be on the Biggest Loser,'" Young said. "Little did I know that two weeks later, they had tryouts in Nashville."

She must have been a sympathetic sight.

"Nobody could go with me," she said. "And they chose me."

Now, she says this about the California filming, "This is a dream. When am I going to wake up?"

As for the reality TV show's conclusion, Young says, "This will all be over in December."