EMS ready for 'mass casualties'

Friday, September 18, 2009

Marshall County's Emergency Medical Service has received a $13,000 federal grant from the Department of Homeland Security for the purchase of equipment and medical supplies.

"Three months ago we were told the money was allocated," EMS Director James Whorley said Monday. "We wrote specifications, called for bids, found the trailer at the Trailer Store in Columbia and here it is."

Technically, the EMS was awarded a "Mass Casualty Trailer Grant" so it could purchase what was bought.

The trailer is relatively inexpensive compared to the medical supplies, equipment and turnout gear for paramedics, emergency medical technicians and other first responders who would be at the scene of a tornado, flood, fire or some other kind of tragedy.

"It could be a tractor pull accident or a Greyhound bus wreck on Interstate 65," Whorley said.

And technically, the grant was for $12,955, the EMS director said.

"With a few dollars more from the department, we finished the job and used all the grant money," he said.

"We went $1.21 over the amount of the grant, so I think we did real good to have it stocked with supplies."

Whorley wants the general public to know about the service's readiness and how it's been able to fund this equipment.

"It is their tax dollars, but on a federal level," Whorely said.

"We may bring it to the Goat Festival," he said. "It's now at our main station in the bay" on Ellington Parkway.