Part of meeting may be pre-recorded

Monday, September 28, 2009

When Lewisburg's City Council meets again, a significant portion of the time during that Tuesday night gathering in City Hall will be pre-recorded, according to the mayor.

It's because of a technical requirement in the City Charter that calls for one out-loud reading of new ordinances and, on Oct. 13, the third and final "reading" of the city's next Stormwater Ordinance is scheduled for a final vote to make it law.

Lewisburg has had a law on how stormwater is to be controlled, but revisions have resulted in a 39-page document that Councilor Quinn Brandon has described as "very exciting," her dry wit emphasizing the the nature of the law on what must be done to control water when it's flowing downhill.

"Are you really going to read all 39 pages?" Councilor Robin Minor asked the mayor during the Sept. 8 meeting of the Council. "Maybe we could take pages" and share the task.

Woods' reply: "I will pre-record it."

"Thirty-nine pages," Minor said, "will take a long time."

During that un-calculated period of time when a tape recorder plays Woods' voice reading the ordinance, those in attendance might "knit a sock or something," the mayor said.