Indictments handed down

Friday, October 2, 2009

Members of the grand jury, as well as the circuit court judge, had a busy day at the Marshall County Courthouse last week.

The sentencing of convicted child rapist Paul Alexander Montgomery III to 50 years' incarceration was reported last week.

The indictment of former animal control officer Neal Owens was reported in Wednesday's Tribune.

The grand jury also handed down the following indictments:

* Ociel Morales Carillo, 19. A four-count indictment alleges criminal aggravated rape, aggravated assault, and aggravated burglary. According to law enforcement, Morales stalked his victim for a week, then broke into her apartment and tried to rape her at knifepoint in May 2009. She struggled, and bit Morales, forcing him to flee. He is represented by an appointed attorney, Chris Westmoreland, who has already sought to have the case transferred to juvenile court, stating that his client is really 16 years old. Morales was born in Mexico, and has no social security number or driver's license. Before he was arrested, he worked at China Wok. In a separate indictment Morales is accused of identity theft "by obtaining, possessing, buying or using the personal information of another," in this case a person in the files of the Federal Immigration system.

* Dallas Jay Stewart, 27, Sumerset Circle. A 26-count indictment lists one count of exhibition of materials to a minor; 11 counts of rape of a child; and 14 counts of aggravated sexual battery. Stewart is alleged to have shown the "materials" to one girl, but to have committed the rapes and the sexual battery with her and another girl, both under 13 years of age, in July 2009.

* William Joseph Gower, 37, Randolph, N.Y. Alleged offence: rape. Gower is free on $30,000 bond. He is represented by attorney John S. Colley III of Columbia who entered a not guilty plea on his behalf.

* Nicholas Shawn Marshall, 22, Shelbyville. Alleged offence: rape. His victim is reported to have been "temporarily physically helpless due to intoxication."

* Misty Donelle Lowe, 24, Holly Grove Road. Offence: Alleged offence: forgery. Lowe is accused of having written, signed and cashed five checks belonging to her former boyfriend, totaling $1,220.

* Ronald Lee Sumner, 39, Nashville. Alleged offences: Driving under the influence, 5th occurrence; violation of the implied consent law; driving on a revoked license.


* Kathy Mai McKinney, 29, pleaded guilty earlier this year to statutory rape of a 17-year-old boy. She was sentenced to four years, and then given probation, on condition that she stay away from her victim for one year. This month the pair was found living together in a home on Sam Simpson Road. Judge Robert Crigler sentenced McKinney to serve the balance of her sentence behind bars.

* Andrew Bee Davis, 35, pleaded guilty to a third offence of driving under the influence, and was sentenced to 11 months 29 days, of which he is to serve 150 days, beginning on Oct. 2. He also has to pay court costs and a fine totaling $1,909.50; successfully complete DUI school; and lose his driver's license for an amount of time to be determined by the Department of Safety.

* Gwendolyn Davidson, 62, pleaded guilty to theft of between $10,000 and $60,000, and also to willful abuse, neglect and exploitation of an adult. She was sentenced to four years, and 18 months, to run concurrent, both suspended, and she is on probation for a total of six and a half years. She has been ordered to pay $11,531.38 back to her victims at $250 per month, and has been placed on the Elder Abuse Registry.

* Sandra Lynn Forte, 43, pleaded guilty to two counts of burglary, and also to one count of failure to appear. She was sentenced to six years at 35 percent for each of the burglary counts, to be served concurrently, followed by a year at 30 percent for the failure to appear.

* Tiffany N. Fink, 26, pleaded guilty to driving after being declared a habitual motor vehicle offender. She was sentenced to serve a year and six months at 30 percent.

* Nolan Excell Pippen, 56, pleaded guilty to a second offence of driving under the influence. He was fined $600 and sentenced to 11 months 29 days, of which he is to serve 45 days, with credit for 28 days of successfully completed in-patient rehabilitation. Pippen is to be without his driving license for two years, and must complete driving school before he can get it back.