Shenandoah may be in recreation center

Friday, October 9, 2009

Wind and rain may force Lewisburg officials to hold the featured concert of Goats Music and More in the Recreation Center tonight when the band Shenandoah is playing.

"Plan C is - worst come to worst - move it to the Rec Center and do it in the gym," City Manager Eddie Fuller said late Thursday morning. Plan B might be setting up the band at the Farmers Market Pavilion where a backup stage was built.

"We'll have to decide something by noon Friday," Fuller said. "Shenandoah gets into town at 1:30 or 2 p.m. and by then we should have our act together to tell them which way to go."

Fuller anticipated holding quarter-finals for the Battle of the Bands on the main stage in Rock Creek Park on Thursday night.

Then weather returns as an issue. Rainfall has been 10 inches more than normal in the past five weeks.

Wednesday and Thursday, Lewisburg officials took extra steps for the Goats Music and More Festival that continues through Sunday.

"We're wrapping stuff in plastic," Fuller said. "It's not optional. We have quarter finals..."

A National Weather Service meteorologist justifies the precautions.

"It looks like there is a front that's going to be coming through," NWS Meteorologist Rachel Haynes said. "Probably Friday night and Saturday morning are your best chances of rain.

"It's looks more like 90 percent," Haynes when asked if the percent chance of rain was perhaps 35 percent.

"I would recommend raincoats and umbrellas," Haynes advised. "You may see amounts of an inch (of rainfall) total."

Could it be a light mist? "It might be heavier," she said conservatively.

Winds gusting to 35 mph have also been forecast.

"It looks like most of the front should pass by Saturday afternoon, so Sunday it should be through," Haynes said.