Valentine: Only true action will end illegal immigration

Friday, October 9, 2009

With unemployment flirting with double digits nationwide and above that in many states, La Raza finds itself on the wrong side of every major issue these days. The radical, racist group (La Raza means "the race") has called for inclusion of the 12 to 20 million illegal aliens still in this country in President Obama's healthcare bill. Not only are Americans in no mood to extend health insurance to illegals they now understand that it's those very illegal aliens who are holding their jobs. Where would unemployment be if all of these job-stealing illegals were sent packing?

The notion that illegal aliens are pushing to be included in the healthcare bill is an interesting side discussion. Inclusion would mean having to pony up insurance premiums when many illegals simply show up at the emergency room for their health care. That's yet another factor that's driving up costs. Perhaps La Raza is counting on their getting it for free which would increase the burden on an already over-taxed citizenry.

Those of us who have been shining the light on the illegal alien problem for years understand that solving that problem will go a long way in solving the rest of America's ills. Education dollars are being squeezed these days when there would be much more to go around were it not for the federal mandate requiring states to take in the children of illegal aliens.

Our prisons are overflowing and that problem is exacerbated by too many people in them who aren't supposed to be here in the first place. Hand-in-hand with overcrowded prisons is the problem of crime. Illegal aliens commit a disproportionate number of crimes, both violent and non-violent. Their presence drives down property values at a time when everyone is trying to get the most out of their largest asset.

And who can forget all the home mortgages that were handed out to illegal aliens like candy who later skipped town when the jobs began to dry up? That certainly added to the mortgage meltdown which was the lynch pin in this whole recession.

Yet, still, no one in charge in Washington seems to notice. All the problems we face today -- high healthcare costs, high crime rates, high unemployment, lower home values -- are aggravated by the fact that we ignore the elephant in the room; illegal immigration.

It's darn near impossible to get Congress to focus on anything constructive these days. The Democrats seem hell bent on passing universal, socialized medicine that we don't want. They're trying to shove a cap-and-trade energy tax down our throats and there's even talk of coming back for another stimulus package. What we need -- and have needed for years -- is true illegal immigration action. No window dressing like we got from the Bush Administration. We need real action and that's a federal law prohibiting the hiring of illegal aliens and a law forbidding the issuance of any government service except for humanitarian emergency services.

The magnet that has lured so many across our borders must be, at long last, turned off. In one fail swoop the government could begin to solve so many of society's problems yet they seem to be heading in the wrong direction. Republican attempts to require proof of citizenship in the healthcare bill have all been rebuffed. It's obvious what the Democrats are doing. They're setting the stage for the next hammer that's set to fall -- amnesty. That's why groups like La Raza are stirring. They made a deal with the Democrats to deliver votes in the last election. It's payback time. But, guess who will be paying?