Treatment for meth lab kids is class topic

Friday, October 23, 2009

Two district attorneys are hosting a seminar in Pulaski on Wednesday to develop procedures on what to do with children who've been exposed to the manufacture of illegal drugs and their use.

"There are children across Tennessee who live every day with the hazards of methamphetamine manufacturing or crack houses or homes where people are addicted to or are selling drugs," District Attorney Chuck Crawford said.

Crawford serves the counties of Marshall, Bedford, Lincoln and Moore.

The state funds a mobile response team and clean up equipment to decontaminate homes and apartments that have been used as meth labs. Now, the social side of the effect on children will be addressed for professionals faced with such situations.

The seminar will be held in Martin Methodist College's newly dedicated Fine Arts Center named for Dr. Thomas Gault who attended the college in the late 1930s.

Crawford made the announcement about the seminar with District Attorney Mike Bottoms who represents the district just west of Crawford's.

Representatives from law enforcement, education, social services, fire departments, medical and behavioral health clinics, child advocacy centers and other government agencies have been invited to the half-day seminar.

There's no charge for the seminar, but registration is recommended. Call Debbie Mayberry at (931) 260-9510 or e-mail her at

The name of the seminar is "Best Practices for a Multi-Discipline Response to Drug Endangered Children."

"This seminar will promote information-sharing strategies among juvenile courts, law enforcement, schools, government agencies and social service providers," Bottoms said. "Each county will develop a protocol to be followed to address these issues."