Ghostly advice: Don't disappear on Halloween

Friday, October 30, 2009
This haint's been hangin' out on Lewisburg's public square for weeks. Have you seen the spirit in the tree? Watch out for trick or treaters on the streets Saturday night.

Haints disappear and trick or treaters shouldn't on Halloween, according to spokesmen for three of Marshall County's municipalities when asked for advice on the annual night of goodies and goblins.

"Even though a lot of the costumes are dark in color, the children need to be seen," Lewisburg Police Chief Chuck Forbis said, recommending reflective tape, or flashlights to show others that they're there. "And, younger children need to be accompanied by an older sibling or parent."

Cornersville Town Manager Taylor Brandon agrees.

"Do something that makes them more visible," Brandon said, suggesting glow sticks. "For the appropriate aged children, they need to go to houses of people they know, so you would be able to trust them."

Chapel Hill Police Chief Jackie King says, "Wear bright colors. Drivers need to be careful."

Lewisburg City Manager Eddie Fuller said he's not aware of city rules limiting mask wearing or other aspects of Halloween.

"We don't have a curfew or anything like that," Fuller aid. "Several years ago, kids used to do things. We haven't seen any vandalism like we did decades ago. Knock on wood."

Public events are another way to do something with children for Halloween without running unnecessary risks.

That includes Trunk or Treat "inside he square," Forbis said, noting there will be "offerings for kids on Friday from 5 to 8 p.m. And some church groups are having events. Those locations are good places to go."

In Cornersville, there's the Lions Club event called Halloween in the Park, Brandon said. It starts at 5:30 p.m. and includes games and food.

"And there are two haunted hayrides," the town manager said. "One will be a little more scary than one for the younger kids."

In Chapel Hill, "The little park is all torn up," Chief King said of what's being converted into a park with a place to honor veterans. Because of the construction, King said, "There won't be something there."

He promised to accept trick or treaters at the Fire Hall across the street.

"Have a big time Saturday night," King said.