Horton Highway 110409

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

CHAPEL HILL - Horton Highway's two-lane bridge over the Duck River will be reduced to one lane for traffic during a $594,000 repair job that's to be completed by June 30.

"We are doing some substantial repairs to the bridge," according to B.J. Doughty, a spokeswoman for the Tennessee Department of Transportation who said Jamison Construction is the contractor.

Bids for the $594,116.91 project were opened in September, Doughty said.

"Traffic on the bridge will be reduced to one lane during construction, with a temporary traffic signal," she said. "Repairs will be completed to one side of the bridge, then traffic will be shifted so work can begin on the other side.

"Due to the width of the bridge, wide loads will be detoured during construction," Doughty said.

The work includes concrete repairs, new rail, parapet walls, bridge deck repair with new seal and asphalt overlay, bridge joint repair and texture coating for the entire bridge, she said.