Scaffolds up at courthouse

Friday, November 6, 2009
Sunbelt Rentals Scaffolds of Nashville built the workers' way to the roof over Marshal County's Courthouse on Tuesday. That job and others are to be completed by mid-January.

Scaffolding was erected early this week by a subcontractor so roofers hired by D.F. Chase Construction Inc. of Nashville may start their work, according to the job superintendent.

"Now, they're calling this Phase 1," Superintendent Robert Dexter said. "We're putting on a new roof and replacing all the copper flashing. From the largest ledge sticking out and on up - that's our responsibility."

Stonemasons will clean and recoat spindles and other parts of the ledges, including scroll-shaped stonework, Dexter said. Elastomeric paint, a vinyl, rubber-type covering that has an off-white color very similar to the stone, will be applied after the stone is prepared.

"We'll touch up the cracks," he said.

At least one part of the scroll-shaped stone appears to have lost large chips and so Dexter's foreman, Ronnie Dollar, explained that Wasco of Nashville would deal with situations like that.

"If they can't patch it on-site, they will fabricate pieces by taking out another piece and casting a mold," Dollar said. "They're very good at what they do."

D.F. Chase has refurbished churches and a wide variety of large buildings, Dexter and Dollar said.

"D.F. Chase did extensive renovation at the Governor's Mansion," Dexter said.

Dollar said the chancellor's residence at Vanderbilt University is another high-profile job completed by D.F. Chase.

Nashville-based architect James Kennon, whose father Emmett supervised renovation of the Courthouse Annex in 1997, was hired by the Marshall County Commission to oversee the restoration work, and Dexter said Kennon "is working with a historian and they will decide what materials we will use" for a new roof.

"Our schedule is to Jan. 20," Dexter said, and Dollar interjected, "Just come back and give us your opinion" of the results of work by D.F. Chase and its subcontractors.

Scaffolds were installed Tuesday by Sunbelt Rentals Scaffolds of Nashville. Josh Souliero of Columbia is the foreman for installation and eventual removal of the scaffolds.