Lynnville notes

Friday, November 6, 2009

A large number of spooks graced the streets of Lynnville on Saturday evening trick-or-treating. Along with trick-or-treating, the "Haunted Train" and "Courtyard" were open on the Lynnville Square for everyone to attend. We thank all who worked on the Haunted Train and Courtyard for everyone to enjoy.

We salute all of our veterans on Wednesday, Nov. 11 for Veterans Day. We will celebrate Thanksgiving on Thursday, Nov. 26.

Janet Tuckerman and Bobby Allen Hollis Jr. will present their piano students in a Christmas Piano Recital on Saturday evening, Nov. 7, beginning at 7 p.m. in the sanctuary of the Lynnville First Presbyterian Church. A reception will follow the recital in the fellowship hall of the church.

"Santa Claus is coming to town" on Saturday, Nov. 14 for you to have your picture made with him and tell him what you want for Christmas. Santa pictures will be made in conjunction with the Lynnville Christmas Village to be held on Saturday, Nov. 14 in the Lynnville C. T. Reid Theater from 9 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. All types of good Christmas goodies will be for sale. Vendors interested in securing a booth are asked to contact 931-527-0032 or 931-527-3922. Lunch will be served in the Lynnville Municipal Building next door from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. The menu will be turkey and dressing, green beans, potatoes, cranberry salad, rolls, and drink. Door prizes will be given away during the day. Hope to see you in Lynnville on Saturday, Nov. 14 at the Christmas Village.

"It's Christmas time in the city..." Lynnville's 25th Annual Lighted Christmas Parade will be held on Saturday, Dec. 5, beginning at 5 p.m from the Robert Dunnavant Park on Mill Street. For information, contact 931-527-0032 or 931-527-3922.

Sympathy is extended to the Boswell Family and Littleton Family.

Winners in the Lynnville Fair on The Square are as follows: recipes: rolls - lst Nancy Jo Hollis, 2nd Leslie Miller, 3rd Deidra Hickman; Homemade Ice Cream - lst Leslie Miller, 2nd Nancy Jo Hollis, 3rd Deidra Hickman; Christmas Dinner - lst Nancy Jo Hollis; Easter Dinner - lst Nancy Jo Hollis; Thanksgiving - 1st Nancy Jo Hollis; Dessert - lst Nancy Jo Hollis; Vegetable - lst Deidra Hickman, 2nd Nancy Jo Hollis, 3rd Leslie Miller; Meat - lst Nancy Jo Hollis, 2nd Dee Walters, 3rd Deidra Hickman; Salad - lst Deidra Hickman, 2nd Nancy Jo Hollis, 3rd Belinda Tinnon; Casserole - lst Nancy Jo Hollis, 2nd Deidra Hickman, 3rd Barbara Potts; Bread - lst Dee Walters, 2nd Leslie Miller, 3rd Deidra Hickman; Flowers Fern - lst Deidra Hickman; Any other hanging basket - lst Tally Underwood, 2nd Deidra Hickman, 3rd Barbara Potts; Coleus - lst Betty Peterson, 2nd Betty Peterson, 3rd Barbara Potts; Zinnias - lst Jennifer Victory, 2nd Haley Hickman; Dahlias - lst Tally Underwood; Roses - lst Tally Underwood; African Violet - lst Tally Underwood, 2nd Deidra Underwood; Philodendron - lst Deidra Hickman; Clothing - Child's Outfit - lst Jennifer Victory; Any Other Article - lst Joyce Pipkin; Photography & Scrapbooking - l2 pictures-lst Emily Cathey, 2nd Jennifer Victory, 3rd Jackie Barbour; 6 prints mounted - lst Jennifer Victory, 2nd Holly Cornelius, 3rd David Jackson; Scrapbooking -lst Deidra Hickman, 2nd Halie Hickman, 3rd Holly Cornelius; Posters - Clay Hollis, Lindsay Williams, Katelin Burch, Jeb Roberts, and Halie Hickman. This concludes the winners in the 2009 Lynnville Fair on the Square. If any errors have been made in the listing of winners, we are sorry. We thank everyone who took the time to enter. The entries are growing each year. Start now planning to enter items in next years fair.

From the files of The Pulaski Citizen in 1900.....

"Colonel Thomas Kennedy Gordon is recognized as the Father of New Lynnville as he once owned the land upon which the town is built and also the land for many miles around the town.

In 1860, the L & N Railroad was built. It was first surveyed through Old Lynnville, but a Mr. Bellefontaine, living near Culleoka, offered land to the railroad and the route was changed. The town began to move to the railroad and the route was changed.

The churches of the community were often used as schools. In 1882, Miss Ella Farmer taught a private school in a Baptist Church north of the business section of New Lynnville. Records show that several other churches were used as schools.

About 1812, Mr. Elisha White deeded land to the Town of Old Lynnville for a school house, near his home on a hill west of the town. Mrs.Coleen White and Miss Clara Wagstaff taught in this school. James Robertson's sister-in-law taught a school for girls in the town.

The Lynnville Academy was located on a hill halfwas between Lynnville and Old Lynnville (where the substation is today) and served students from both communities for 37 years. It merged with the Robert B. Jones High School in 1912. Tuition for one term was $7.50. The curriculum included: math, German, Latin, Greek, history reading, music, and art.

The Post Office in this community was established in 1814. It was called Lynn Creek and was located in Old Lynnville. The first postmaster was John Laird. On March 6, 1838, the name was changed to Lynnville. The Post Office was moved to New Lynnville about 1865."