Public records

Friday, November 13, 2009

Marriage License

Michael Andrew Wickberg and Shana Michelle Reagan Pack.

Land Transfers

River Glen S/D, Lot 10, $119,500, District 1, from Brent A. and Lisa M. Mark to Joshua Tyler McClarren; Northside Estates, Lot 2, $119,900, District 1, from Angel Bowling to Natalie Marcouiller; Northside Estates, Lot 3, $109,500, District 1, from Avalon Homes LLC to Dana Ragan; Cameron Acres S/D, Lot 15, $113,500, District 1, from Kristie E. Moore to Robert L. Ryder; Chapel Wood Estates, Section 1, Lot 56, $154,900, District 1, from Brad and Julie Watkins to Raynerrick Thomas; Greater Lewisburg Heights S/D, Lots 4, 5, 6, and 7 PO, $41,000, District 3, from Rex and Kristi Richardson to Frank Arnold; Cornersville Hwy, $1,250, District 3, from Nancy P. and Ernest C. Henegar Jr. to Ronald B. and Katrina A. McRady; Ellington Pkwy, 0.74 acres, $450,000, District 3, from Prabir K. Dash and Dash Inc to Smit LLC; West End Ave, Lot 3, $37,000, District 3, from John Deluca and Homesales Inc to Tatjana Trostel; Hillcrest S/D, Section 1, Lot 23, $60,500, District 3, from Edwin F. and Ann B. Whorley to Rex Richardson.