Wrestling legends head to Lewisburg

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The stars keep shining in Lewisburg.

With the successful appearance of the Barbarian, All-Star Wrestling will be featuring two legends of the ring, former WWE Royal Rumble winner "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan and Tennessee legend "Superstar" Bill Dundee making their way ringside Nov. 28 at the ASW Arena in Lewisburg.

"The fans are in for a Thanksgiving treat," says ASW Promoter Mikey Dunn. "Duggan and Dundee bring in some of the greatest fans and have had some of the greatest matches in wrestling."

The wrestlers at All-Star Wrestling will have a thrilling night of wrestling planned, including the ASW women's debut of Rock C.

"We love having the legends make their way to Lewisburg," Dunn said. "It's great to have wrestlers that the fans love wrestle and make memories that will last."

Tickets are available at the ASW Arena.

"We would love to see everyone come down after spending time with the family on Thanksgiving. Make sure to bring a family member and tell all your friends to come down and see former WCW United States Champion Duggan and Dundee," said Dunn.