Board members honor Forrest's season

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

One current and one former Marshall County School Board member made good on their promise of sleeping on the Forrest schoolhouse roof.

Randy Perryman and Mark Wilkerson accepted a summertime challenge from Forrest Athletic Director Scott Delk and the Rocket football team that they would sleep on the roof of Forrest school if the Rockets won eight games this season and on a chilly night last Thursday, Perryman and Wilkerson ascended up the ladder at 5:30 p.m. and remained there until the sun came up Friday morning.

Wilkerson explained the series of events leading up to the sleepover.

"Randy and I had a discussion with Scott Delk over the summer and he was bragging about the Forrest High School football team going 10-0. I said, "You know what I wish them all the best." Delk then said to me, "Well Mark, why don't you put your money where your mouth is." It was then that I said that if the Rockets go 8-2 I would sleep on the schoolhouse roof. I called Randy and said Randy what do you think about that. He said, Mark what have you got me into and eventually said Ok. They did it, so here we are."

Perryman said before going up on the roof, "We made a deal if the Rockets won eight games that we would sleep on the schoolhouse roof. My buddy Mark Wilkerson came up with this idea."

Temperatures fell into the mid thirties Thursday night in Chapel Hill and the two came prepared, packing sleeping bags and thermal hunting gear to stave off the cold.

Asked what they would do to keep them occupied up on the roof, Wilkerson said, "We got plenty of gear and I have an air mattress. We are going to sit up here and play cards and watch some DVD's."

Forrest football coach Kyle Stacey was present for the event and said, "I think it is great. It shows the commitment that our school members have and that this community has. The kids are getting a big kick out of it."

Looking ahead to next year, Perryman said, "If they win big next year, I am going to challenge Scott Delk to come up and sleep on the roof with us."