God is great, beer is good, you've got to be crazy

Friday, November 20, 2009

With apologies to country music singer Billy Currington, a variation on his song lyrics seem appropriate for our tale of Marshall County governance this week.

County Commissioner Rocky Bowden, the retired Forrest High School vice principal, was re-elected chairman of the Marshall County Board of Public Utilities on Tuesday morning.

There are two other county commissioners serving as directors of the county-owned water utility; Mary Ann Neill and Mickey King.

Various county panels' membership depends on whether a director is also a commissioner and - while that wasn't pursued during discussion followed by a good laugh - Neill's question went to whether Bowden would be running for re-election as a commissioner.

"Have you had your psychological exam yet?"

There aren't very many requirements to serve on the county commission. Getting elected is one. So is living in the district to be represented, and it's a good ideas to be an adult, not so much that you can vote for yourself, but that you have judgment.

Some might argue that being crazy is one of the prerequisites for public office.

"Are you crazy?" was the tongue in cheek question that Lewisburg Police Chaplain Shaun Grant was asked when he was thanking the Police Advisory Board for recommending him for hire as a policeman.

Grant said becoming a police officer had always been a dream for him. Those aware of what's happened since his nomination might conclude that it's become a nightmare. A decision to hire him is on hold. Councilmen are being investigated. It's an on-going story.

Meanwhile, back at the utility, Bowden had an explanation on why he'd decided to run for re-election.

"The deal is, I have to outlast Phil Willis," Bowden said of another commissioner who's been on the panel for a very long time.

"I have to prove I'm just as tough as he is."

Marshall County commissioners who want to remain on the panel face voters on Aug. 5, 2010. Petition forms will be available for candidates in those district races as early at Jan. 4.

And here's a good one, noon on April Fools Day is the deadline for candidates to file petitions with the Election Commission to have their names printed on the prepared ballot for the county election.

As for the other two commissioners on the MCBPU: King and Neill have declined to say whether they're running. They're trying to decide whether they want to - they both said.

King, however, apparently feels as though he knows a doctor who will certify him as sane.

Now, what song lyrics will be running through your head for about half an hour?