Confehr: Thank you - it's what we say today, tomorrow

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

This is the time to say thank you to our readers, advertisers, co-workers, friends, associates - in other words, all who make this possible, including those who laid the foundation and those who fought to maintain the structure known as the great American experiment.

Thank you.

Those two words also come with grace over a meal, at times when we realize we'd just had a close call, when we get change at a register, when there's been a kindness, when we genuinely feel grateful for what we have and, as a new friend pointed out on Sunday, those two words come as a question.

What do you say?

It's the parents' question to a child. We learn early that way. It's what to say.

I'm optimistic that it works because it comes back to us. Teaching children to recycle or to buckle their seat belts are lessons that come back to parents. Thank you will, too.

Some people may be tired of some of my responses to the phrases we all use instead of hello: How are you? I'm vertical. You doing all right? No, sometimes I go left. If I go right all the time, I'll go in circles.

I used to say, "Just as curious as ever," to segue into a news question, but I don't use that at all, anymore.

I'm thankful for the police. There's healthy banter with strong-minded people and, besides, they're the face of one of the most basic of government services such as fire fighters, public health officers, teachers...

Even politicians because, well, there's been so much to read and write about. Regardless of your point of view, the saying still applies: Government done well is dull. And, some of it really is boring, but if you look close enough...

The push and pull between points of view, somehow, makes a better stew.

Like those who've answered our question of the week, I'm thankful for family, friends, faith and the day this nation takes a break, reflects on its origins and finds that it's rooted in the other half of our 1st Amendment.

Happy Thanksgiving.