Rollin' for a roll of the dice on Black Friday

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Gambling, not shopping, was the goal for 31 people departing Lewisburg on Black Friday.

A Grayline of Nashville coach was chartered by friends and relatives in Marshall County; folks who boarded the bus here and went on their gambling cruise to Metropolis, Ill., according to the driver.

Several of his passengers confirmed the basics, but only Eric Cartwright of Grayline would speak on the record about the $10, six-hour, round-trip roll for a roll of the dice, roulette wheels, cards and camaraderie.

After three hours on the road, they'd have five hours in Metropolis, Cartwright said.

"Five hours and hope you get lucky," he said.

Cartwright likes three-card poker, a game that pits you against the dealer but it's the luck of the draw, he said. Cartwright does play during his time in Metropolis.

They've done it for more than eight years, but they skipped 2007 and 2008, according to a lady Cartwright pointed to as a coordinator for the charter trip.

So, they did it again late last week. Just before they departed, the private nature of the trip was their reason for declining to be public about their names and where they live, although it was clear some friends came from Nashville to take the ride and look for luck in Illinois.