State nursing director retires

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Lewisburg woman has retired after 25 years and seven months with the Tennessee Department of Health and on Friday, she was honored with a reception at the Marshall County public health clinic.

Carol Williams started her state career at the department in Lewisburg, so it was seen as only appropriate that the reception be held here where she began her ascent to assistant nursing director for state health department.

The reception included accolades, insights on the life of a public health nurse, and some gentle kidding.

Williams is a "high quality person," said Steve Hall, a former county health director here, noting that she's the "only person he knows who goes on a scavenger hunt in high heels and carrying a purse."

Speaking about Williams' career and the reception, Deborah Harden said, "This is where the majority of her career has been ... in the South Central Region... [and] traveling on with me. I hope you look back on this time with pride for working as a public nurse.."

Williams' experience has included work as the local immunization supervisor.

Former colleague Deborah Molder noted that Williams has worked in "a different kind of nursing" that comes with knowing how to draw blood, and includes unexpected experiences such as conducting "pregnancy tests on a girlfriend and a wife at the same time and not knowing it."

Williams' husband, former County Commissioner R.L. Williams, who's also Lewisburg's immediate past leader of the city's stormwater management office, spoke of his admiration for his wife's career.

"From being a traffic operator with AT&T to being the state's assistant nursing director, I think she's done well," R.L. Williams said.