Crime reports

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A young Lewisburg man and another from north Alabama were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct at the Recreation Center recently. Jared C. Robinson, 21, of Franklin Avenue, and Brandon Burns, 18, of Hazel Green, were disobeying rules in the gym by dunking on the basketball goal, and by letting their shorts hang below their waists. The two men refused to stop dunking, refused to pull up their shorts, and then refused to leave when asked to do so by security.

According to the report by Lewisburg Police Department Officer John Christmas, "Jared continued telling myself and George (Watkins, security officer) his dad was going to get both of us fired."

Robinson's bond was set at $500 and Burns' bond was set at $1,000 because he lives out of state. Both are due in Lewisburg City Court on Jan. 11.

A Lewisburg man was arrested and charged with aggravated assault after an attack on a man who had to be transferred to Vanderbilt Medical Center for treatment. Clebron Mealer Jr., 41, of Bivins Road, received lacerations to both cheeks and his left ear.

According to a report by LPD Officer Steve Sanders Jr., Mealer was sitting in his truck outside a residence on Phillips Street shortly after noon Dec. 5. The truck door opened and Mealer was struck in the face and then cut. Mealer identified his assailant as Henry L. Rhiner, 49, of Highway 64. A witness told Sanders he saw Rhiner standing at Mealer's truck, screaming, "I'll kill you...!" When the witness tried to intervene, Rhiner pointed the knife at him and told him to stay out of it. Rhiner left and the witness helped Mealer get to the Marshall Medical Center emergency room. The Marshall County Sheriff's Department arrested Rhiner the next day. Rhiner's bond was set at $7,500, and his first court date is Jan. 4.

Thefts and vandalism reported

* A Marshall County resident's stolen Bank of America debit card was used for purchases totaling $3,104.85 in Harper Woods, Mich. on Nov. 19. The bank refunded the money to the victim.

* A 1973 Dodge Dart Sport, valued at $8,000, was damaged by having at least two bullets fired into it while it was parked at the owner's residence on Bivins Hollow Road between Friday night and Sunday afternoon.

* A Playstation III, extra controller, and two video games, total value: $455, were taken from a residence on Walnut Street. The owner told police he thought he had located the items in a local pawnshop.

* A car tire, valued at $100, was cut while the vehicle was parked near its owner's place of work on West Commerce.

* The City of Lewisburg's Public Works building on 5th Avenue North had some letters and numbers spray painted on it between 5 p.m. Dec. 5 and 5 a.m. Dec. 6. Superintendent Kenny Ring estimated the damage at $50.

Issued with a criminal summons for vandalism

* Craig J. McPherson Jr., 21, Chapel Hill. Court date: Dec. 15.

Arrested and charged with aggravated domestic assault,

* Sarah L. Lancaster, 25, Nashville Highway. Bond: $3,500; court date: Dec. 8.

Arrested and charged with aggravated criminal trespass and harassment

* Donnie R. Crane, 44, Mariann Street. Bond: $1,500; court date: Dec. 8.

Arrested for driving on revoked after having been declared a habitual motor vehicle offender

* Ricky L. McKnight, 49, Columbia. Bond: $3,000; court date: Jan. 4. McKnight was originally stopped for having a brake light out and not wearing a seatbelt.

Arrested and charged with driving without a license

* David M. Gordon II, 35, Yell Road. Bond: $500; court date: Jan. 4. Gordon was also cited for expired registration, misuse of registration, and no insurance.

Arrested and charged with driving on suspended

* Dale D. Young, 47, Nashville. Bond: $1,000; court date: Jan. 11. Also cited for incorrect registration.

Arrested and served with a showcause for contempt

* Edith Mae Bowen, 68, Crick Street. Bond: $500. Bowen was ordered to appear in Juvenile Court on Dec. 7 to show cause why she should not be punished for contempt of court. Bowen is alleged to have allowed a juvenile in her care to spend the night with a person with whom the court had ordered the juvenile to have no contact.

Arrested and charged with public intoxication

* Paul F. Cherry, 62, East Commerce. Bond: $500; court date: Jan. 4.

Issued with a criminal summons for shoplifting $6.40-worth of candy from the Sav-a-Lot on Mooresville Highway

* Christina Marie Reilly, 20, Jackson Avenue. Court date: Jan. 11.

Arrested and charged with violation of probation

* Juan Solis, 31, Warner Road. Held without bond for an unspecified court date.

* Jan Kevin Cooley, 48, Nashville. Held without bond for court on Dec. 1.

* Mark E. Greene, 39, Bond: $2,000; court date: Dec. 1.

* Zachary Seth Easterwood, 26, 3rd Avenue North. Bond: $1,000; court date: Dec. 7.

Arrested and charged with failure to appear

* Justin C. Adams, 19, South Berlin Road. Bond: $1,000; court date: Jan. 12.

* Terry Jonathon Lunsford, 29, Cedar Street. Held without bond for court on Dec. 7.

Served with a criminal summons for violation of probation

* Emma Dixon, 44, 4th Avenue North. Court date: Dec. 7.

Served with a criminal summons for harassment

* Kerry Blanton, 51, Coble Road. Court date: Jan. 12.