Public records

Friday, December 11, 2009


Marriage Licenses

Cody Allen Martin and Heather Ann Morton; Henry Newcomb Sr. and Dorothea Zick Sample; David Benjamin Warner and Tara Layne Adams.

Business Listings

Don Wood Plbg Co Inc, 130 Alpha Dr, Franklin, TN 37064, owner: Donald W. Wood; Hidden Creek, 1505 Verona Caney Rd., Lewisburg, TN 37091, owner: Estelle Worthington; Southern Collections, 103 1st Avenue South, Lewisburg, TN, owners: Mike and Jo Ann Walker; Star Wheels Skate Center, 1635 Columbia Hwy, Lewisburg, TN 37091, owner: Tim Mitchell; Ty Tech Performance and Machine, 459 2nd Avenue North, Lewisburg, TN 37091, owner: Tyree Smith; Z-Tech PC, 430 N. Ellington Pkwy, Lewisburg, TN 37091, owner: Charlotte Zajac.

Land Transfers

Overland Meadows S/D, Phase III, Lot 21, $148,500, District 1, from Gary Boyce Construction LLC to Justin and Dianna Victoria Tipps Hazel; US Highway 31A, 4.21 acres, $150,000, District 1, from Max D. and Rita H. Todd to James C. Collins; Nathan Todd S/D, Section 2, Lot 4A, 1.47 acres, $140,500, District 1, from David Jent and J. Phil Comstock to Derek S. and Hiddi D. Beard; Kilburn S/D, Section 1, Lot 1, $115,900, District 2, from Kevin Kilburn to William C. and Linda Fields; Forrest Retreat S/D, Lot 51, $118,200, District 2, from Michael Guthrie to Kyle T. and Heather Fessel; Little Rock Creek S/D, Lot 1A, $109,900, District 2, from Robert C. Edde to Joey S. Tisdale;

Rogers Road, 5.07 acres, $148,401.15, District 3, from Camuel B. Harrmon Sr. to Tresha A. Grissom; Marshall Heights S/D, Lot 2, $60,000, District 3, from Kenneth Walker Executor and Sara Erma Walker Brannon to Allen Lane Jr.; Marshall Heights Revised S/D, Lots 3 PO and 4, $87,250, District 3, from Timothy Looney to Debbie Logue; Lincoln Park S/D, Lot 66, $40,000, District 3, from Brenda K. Robison to Robert E. and Faris H. Phillips; Beechwood Estates, Section 1, Lot 42, $82,900, District 3, from Jeff Poarch to Andria N. Worthington; Finley Beech Road, 2.52 acres, $22,000, District 8, from Corie J. Freeland to Janis M. Endsley; Spring Place Road, $74,500, from Mark W. Shramo to Laura L. Rowland; Cornerstone S/D, Section 2, Lot 18, $104,079, from Community Housing Partnership to Janie Barrett.