Police, firefighters honored at monthly Council meeting

Friday, December 11, 2009

Several Lewisburg Police officers were applauded in the first few minutes of a City Council meeting on Tuesday night in City Hall where the fire chief praised the cooperation his department has received in recent years, cooperation that helped his department improve its rating.

At 3:20 a.m. on Nov. 14, Police Chief Chuck Forbis told the council, a car crashed into a utility pole on Ellington Parkway. The car caught fire and "at the risk to their own safety" police officers rescued two girls in the car. "Unfortunately, the passenger died, but the driver survived. They were twin sisters."

A separate awards ceremony will be held later, Forbis said. He did, however, want the City Council to see the officers who acted so bravely that morning. The police officers received a standing ovation from the Council and audience.

Immediately thereafter, Fire Chief Larry Williams presented a number of firefighters, officers and other leaders of the department to show who in his department had worked hard to improve the department's rating as a fire service that protects lives and property.

Williams has also noted that without the cooperation and good service of the city's emergency radio dispatchers, then the fire fighters wouldn't know where to go. Furthermore, without the Lewisburg Water and Wastewater Department the firefighters wouldn't have water to fight the fires when they arrive at the locations announced by the dispatchers.