Cornersville applies for block grant

Friday, December 11, 2009

Housing in Cornersville may be refurbished if the town is successful in applying for a Community Development Block Grant, according to city manager Taylor Brandon.

A public meeting was held at the City Hall Tuesday afternoon to discuss the CDBG program and get input from city residents on potential uses for the funds.

CDBG money can be used for water and sewer improvements, including line extensions, fire protection, rural health departments, and so on.

It can also be used for housing rehabilitation, and, in the end, the citizens who attended the meeting decided that this was what they wanted to do. Targeted are eight houses on Fairview Avenue, behind the Cornersville Post Office, in the area known as "New Town."

Once the homes are repaired, they can be used as housing for the elderly, minorities, or low-income families.

Brandon explained that the South Central Tennessee Development District would write the competitive grants, which are due in February. Brandon thought the results might be announced next October, and then bids would have to be solicited, so it would be 18 months to two years before work could start.

If Cornersville does get a grant, the project will be 100 percent funded - the town will not be paying anything.