Police Advisory Board up for discussion Jan.26

Friday, January 15, 2010 ~ Updated 12:05 PM

A special called meting of the Lewisburg City Council has been called for the afternoon of Jan. 26 in City Hall to consider the Police Advisory Board.

The 3 p.m. meeting on that last Tuesday of the month is an apparent continuation of a motion made on Tuesday, Jan. 12 by Councilman Odie Whitehead Jr. to abolish the Board.

Councilman Robin Minor seconded Whitehead's motion that immediately became the subject of a motion by Councilman Ronald McRady to table discussion. Whitehead's motion was not on the agenda, so while discussion was possible, no vote could be conducted.

The notice of the special-called meeting says that it's to be held "for the purpose of considering and taking such action as the Council may deem necessary ... relative to ... the Police Advisory Board."

Minor, Whitehead and Councilman Hershel Davis had earlier voted on that night of the regular meeting of the Council, to table discussion on whether Police Chaplain Shaun Grant, an associate pastor at First Assembly of God on West Ellington Parkway, had a chance of becoming a police officer.

Grant had been recommended by the Police Advisory Board, but three councilmen advised City Manager Eddie Fuller they'd rather have an officer who'd already been through the police academy. Grant's name was forwarded to Fuller partly because he was the next best applicant on a list that led to the hiring of a female officer who resigned to care for her ailing mother in another state.

Lewisburg's City Charter designates the city manager as the personnel officer. The document states that the Council's hiring authority is limited to the manager, recorder and attorney.

Three councilmen, Minor, Whitehead and Davis, signed a document calling for the special meeting, as did the mayor, Barbara Woods.