Letter to the Editor

Letter: Police Advisory Board has importance

Friday, January 22, 2010

To the editor:

The Police Advisory Board was created by the City Council in November 2007. The Board is appointed by the mayor, and serves without pay. The Board meets monthly and care is taken in the ordinance to assure that:

1. the public has access to the Board to hear concerns and

2. the police department chain of command is followed

The Board functions as a "review and comment" body for the mayor and council. As such it reviews and comments upon the inner workings of your police department reviewing such matters as hiring, termination, personnel moves, grievances, and departmental policy. Since the board is made up of citizens, it is also the "eyes and ears" of the community, staying alert to how the department may better serve our city.

Recently, certain City Council members have sought to get rid of the board. When questioned about their reasoning, these elected councilmen have no comment. There has been no information provided to the board of any misdeeds by the board. Now the Council has called a meeting to act on the elimination of the Police Advisory Board for Feb. 26 at 3 p.m. in City Hall. So, we are faced with the prospect of disbanding a City Board without reasoning from our elected officials. This type of government by whim smacks of back room deals and petty power politics.

We urge you to demand accountability from your elected officials. The action under consideration should arouse the concern of all citizens who support open and honest government. We urge you to contact your councilman and express your opinion.

Ward 1 - Quinn Brandon Stewart


Ward 2- Hershel Davis


Ward 3 - Odie Whitehead, Jr.


Ward 4 - Ronald B. McRady


Ward 5 - Robin Minor



Lina Horner, Chair, Lewisburg Police Advisory Board

Wayne Coombs, Ronald Greer, Rev. Steve Thomas, Emily Darnell, members of Lewisburg's Police Advisory Board