Coppertop time: Courthouse clocks tell time again

Friday, January 29, 2010
New sheets of copper are affixed to the west clock tower over the Marshall County Courthouse where hands of the four clocks were reinstalled Tuesday.

The hands of time were replaced on the face of four courthouse clocks in Lewisburg this week as restoration continues with a new roof.

Frank Jackson of Dunnellon, Fla. has been servicing the clocks for some 20 years and was back here Tuesday, reinstalling the clock works and the hands through the clocks' housing.

"It's done from inside the clock," says Superintendent Robert Dexter of D.F. Chase Construction, the general contractor hired by the county. "It's the same way he's maintained the clocks for years."

This phase of the $410,770 contract is to be completed shortly after Valentine's Day.

The roof of the Courthouse was being replaced Thursday, Dexter said. Leaks revealed by blistered paint and wetness inside the building are believed to be a result of rain splashing on the ledge of the crown around the top of the four outside walls. From there, moisture is believed to be seeping through mortar and the concrete stone and into the building.

To prevent that, workmen are wrapping that part of the building with "a metal coping, which is a type of flashing," Dexter said, explaining that, "It's heavier gauge material than aluminum siding."

Also this week, painters have started to apply the exterior coating of the stucco on the clock tower. That work can be done only when the temperature is right.

"Wednesday was a good day, weather-wise and it will be treated on a daily basis," Dexter said.

So with an ice- and/or snowstorm in the forecast, will they be working on that task today?

"Uhh, no," Dexter replied Thursday morning.