Tea Party Movement In Tennessee Unifies

Friday, January 29, 2010

In a historic move, Tea Party groups from across the state of Tennessee have formed the Tennessee Tea Party Coalition (TNTPC). Fifty-eight delegates representing thirty-four active Tennessee Tea Party groups with a collective membership totaling more than eighteen thousand concerned citizens caucused in Nashville this past weekend.

The delegates voted to establish the Tennessee Tea Party Coalition and define, at the grassroots level, the Tea Party movement in Tennessee. After the representative body formed, the delegates ratified the description of the Tennessee Tea Party movement, the Vision, Values, Strategic Objectives, and the Structure & By-laws for the TNTPC.

TNTPC will serve as the networking and communication vehicle for the Tea Party movement in the state of Tennessee and is designed to maximize the voice of We the People of Tennessee. The Coalition will focus on creating awareness of issues through collaborative educational and organizational initiatives. The Coalition will seek to educate, motivate, and activate concerned citizens as well as to grow the membership of Tea Party groups throughout Tennessee.

The Tennessee Tea Party Coalition, www.tntpc.us is a non-partisan, user driven organization for all tea party groups and concerned Tennesseans looking for a place to network and engage with other like-minded individuals and groups. It is both a reference and resource entity geared at educating citizens and it is a social network to facilitate communication among its membership.

The Tennessee Tea Party Coalition website is also hosting an online interactive town hall forum with numerous candidates for elected office in the upcoming 2010 midterm elections participating. The town hall can be accessed at www.tntownhall.com .