Catalpa news

Friday, February 5, 2010

Greetings again!

Snow, snow everywhere, but thankfully we didn't get as much ice as they thought we would get. It could have been worse, but I guess the kids will be glad to get another day off from school.

Services were called off at Catalpa Sunday due to the hill being so slick. Several went to Cane Creek and other places.

Sympathy to the family of Sandra Faust who passed away Jan. 27. She was the daughter of the former Martha Thompson who was raised around Petersburg. Her visitation and funeral were held at Crieve Hall in Nashville.

Also sympathy is extended to Della Mae Rudd and Jo Ellen Haislip in the death of their brother, Doug Spivey. According to his wishes, he was cremated and a private memorial service was held in Pulaski. Della Mae was sick, but was able to attend. Good Samaritan was closed due to her illness, but she is better now and is back to her job. She and Wilford do such a good job and you can get some real buys up there.

Several birthdays are coming up in February, and these are a few I know about: Alice Carpenter has a birthday on Feb. 8. Happy Birthday across the miles to Leesburg, Va., to Tammie Calys on Feb. 11. Jesse Head and Marilyn have an anniversary on Feb. 12, and Jeff and Terri Pack will celebrate on Feb. 14. Congratulations to all!

News is short, so I'll see you next week.