Valentine: Liberals' job is to get out of the way

Friday, February 5, 2010

President Obama's promises to create jobs and balance the budget seem to be in direct conflict with one another. In his State of the Union address he spoke of the urgency of bringing spending under control while in the same speech he proposed a jobs creation bill which his press secretary is now saying will cost $100 billion. Yes, that's 100 billion with a "B" as in "Oh, Boy!"

This is where a fundamental line is drawn between conservatives and liberals and Republicans and Democrats and it's where Republicans need to make hay between now and November. Democrats believe it's the government's responsibility to create jobs. Republicans believe it's the government's obligation to allow the private sector to thrive so that it can create jobs. While Democrats propose more and more of your hard-earned tax dollars be thrown at trying to create some job, Republicans are for lowering taxes and regulations and unshackling business so that it can be as prosperous as possible. Prosperity, in turn, creates jobs. The government cannot create wealth. It can only steal it for purposes of redistribution.

Every dime the government takes out of your pocket to create jobs is money that could've been -- and should've been -- left in the economy to help create jobs. A recent analysis by the Associated Press showed that Obama's stimulus package hasn't created jobs at all.

Another report shows that all this talk about "green jobs" is just that. The wind industry, despite getting over $2 billion in stimulus money, lost jobs last year. Had the government not been subsidizing wind power the industry would've taken a huge hit.

Now, I have no problem with wind power. It's one source of energy for America, albeit a small one. Right now it only provides about 2 percent of our electricity. The problem I have is the government propping it up. If wind power is going to be viable then the private sector will decide that. It's not up to the government to pick favorites.

The same goes for any of this stimulus money. The government is directing the money where it deems it necessary instead of allowing the private sector to do it. Once the stimulus money dries these "busy work" jobs will go away and the people working them will head back to the unemployment line; that is if it's actually creating any jobs to start with.

Again, it's a classic difference between liberalism and conservatism. Liberalism is always about the quick fix. Whether it's giving a homeless man a buck rather than getting down to the root of why he's homeless. In fact, oftentimes giving the homeless guy that buck only perpetuates his problem because he uses it to buy more booze or drugs.

So it is with jobs. Spending federal tax dollars to have someone repave a highway that was just repaved two years prior does nothing for the health of the economy nor does it create long-term employment. Were the same efforts spent on reducing taxes and regulations so private enterprise would prosper and thus begin hiring more employees then we'd already see the economy roaring back.

That's something that is just not in the liberal mindset. Rewarding evil corporations runs counter to everything they believe. In their minds, the corporations exist just to give people jobs. They don't. Corporations are in business to make money for their shareholders. That's it. The byproduct is employment but only to the extent that the government doesn't hog-tie the corporation.

The Washington liberals have a job to do. Their job is to get the heck out of the way.