City looks for partner on disposal of garbage

Friday, February 12, 2010

Lewisburg councilmen want to consult with Marshall County and its other municipalities on what to do if Cedar Ridge Landfill must close because the state won't let it expand.

That's the consensus heard Tuesday night after City Manager Eddie Fuller reported results from a bid call on trash collection and disposal services that might result in a contract to send local trash to Middle Point Sanitary Landfill at Walter Hill north of Murfreesboro.

Prices were lower than expected, according to officials at the bid opening last week and Fuller planned to "meet with some county officials" with Mayor Barbara Woods to share the information and ascertain what interest there is in a joint project.

The landfill about a mile from downtown Lewisburg is running out of space to bury trash, so it's asked the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation to permit use of some land at Cedar Ridge where there's a sink hole. It would be capped and the land over and around it would be filled toward the crest of the surrounding ridges.

TDEC's commissioner has issued a Notice of Intent to Deny an expansion permit. A public comment period ended Monday. The commissioner's conclusion is anticipated within a month.

While Waste Management can appeal a denial, loss of the appeal would mean the landfill will eventually have to close.

Lewisburg's bid call for trash service included Chapel Hill and Cornersville. Both towns have contracts with Waste Management. No bid was filed by Waste Management.

"My idea was to get an idea on costs," Councilman Ronald McRady said Tuesday night.

Allied Waste has the apparent best bid at $11.75 per month per household including a 90-gallon trash cart on wheels that would be made available for each house. Collections would be hauled to a transfer station in Giles County and then to Middle Point Sanitary Landfill. Browning-Ferris Industries of Phoenix, Ariz., is the parent company. Its local office is at Murfreesboro.

"I'd still like to do something with the county, Cornersville and Chapel Hill," McRady said.

Councilman Quinn Brandon Stewart asked how long it would take to get services started, and was told that's not been established. Residents don't want to be without trash service, she said.