Confehr: Family ties tie area to Super Bowl

Friday, February 12, 2010

There's always a local angle to a big story.

This week our troops are going to Iraq and a neighbor's business is under the microscope around the world.

However, it was at dinner Monday when the local connection to the biggest story of the week emerged while the question of the week was being asked.

That's when it was revealed that Mary Ann (Mrs. Bay, formerly Miss Tyree) Roberts' brother, Bill Tyree of Brentwood, is the grandfather of Michelle Reis. That's pronounced Reese, like the chocolate and peanut butter candy cups, and is, in fact, the last name of Chris Reis, Michelle's husband, No. 39 on the special team for the New Orleans Saints football team.

Mrs. Roberts' daughter was sitting there in the restaurant, minding her own business, when somebody had to ask her the question of the week. It's below here and was a byproduct of the great auto recall story during the snow season of 2010.

The conversation wandered, and when the Super Bowl was mentioned, Pam Allen said that she's related to a Saint. At first, one might wonder if it was Saint Michael, patron saint of law enforcement officers. We were in a building that was the county jail years ago. We might well have been in the old sheriff's office.

Allen's second cousin's daughter is married to a Saint, she said. In other words, her second cousin married Chris Reis.

Reis, as most folks know, was at the bottom of the pile of football players after the on-side kick recovery turned the tide for the flooded town's team.

Raised in Nashville, Michelle went to David Lipscomb High School, and then to college at the University of Georgia on a softball scholarship. Her interest in sports apparently led her to Reis, one of the rambling wrecks from Georgia Tech.

Michelle's family is close knit, we're told. Nearly 100 show up at Christmas time in Brentwood. No. 39 wasn't there a couple of months ago because he had to work.

Maybe they watched him on TV.

Here at the newspaper, Mrs. Bay's son and Pam Allen's brother, Eddie Roberts, has been in the middle of a hurricane: Or is it really a tsunami?

Reminds me of the time my Chevrolet Vega hatchback was recalled. If I remember correctly, it was something about the gas line. Most of it was metal. The rubber hose part was the bend in the line and it was real close to the muffler.

The Vega and Ford's Pinto were seen as rolling time bombs and sort of like Ralph Nader's book, "Unsafe at Any Speed."

But that's another story.