Valentine: Super ad hit close to home

Friday, February 12, 2010

Here's a switch. The Super Bowl this year was actually much better than the much-hyped commercials. There were a few stand-outs. The Snickers "Betty White" commercial was pretty good and there were a few others. Nothing that lived up to the expectations, but there was one that has some people confounded.

The Audi "Green Police" spot has angered and delighted both sides of the green movement. It depicted a Green Police force that busted people for offenses like asking for plastic over paper at the grocery checkout and installing incandescent light bulbs instead of those dim CFLs. The ad ends with a Green Police roadblock where the new Audi "clean diesel" car is allowed to jump out into an open lane because it's green.

Personally, I found the commercial quite amusing given its spoof of the green movement. As funny as the Green Police were, we're not that far away from their becoming a reality. I actually produced a Green Police parody commercial that had officers busting into houses late at night to catch people not reusing tissue. That was 15 years ago. Even then I could see it coming.

I read up on the chatter in the wake of the Audi commercial on the Internet and some of the dirt people were livid that Audi would make such fun of them. They felt the commercial only added fuel to the fire that the environmental movement is turning militant and will eventually morph into an omnipotent eco-nag with the power to incarcerate those who don't buy into its radical agenda.

Some on my side of the green movement -- those who believe in clean air and clean water but think the global warming movement is all about total control over our lives -- pointed out that the good guy in the ad was the guy driving the environmentally correct car. That may be true but it doesn't negate the absurdity of the green movement. It was a parody, for sure, but not by much.

Remember, these people have already banned your light bulbs. The incandescent light bulb is being forced off the market by government decree starting in 2012. That used to sound like a long time into the future but it's just two years from now.

San Francisco already has mandatory composting and they've banned plastic bags at supermarkets. The man behind those changes, Jared Blumenfeld, is now a regional administrator for Obama's newly-radicalized EPA. Could the Green Police be far behind?

The Audi ad should be a wake-up call to us all. With all of these new regulations being foisted upon us it only makes sense that they'll need an enforcement arm at some point to keep us all in line.

Me? I'm already doing my part. I drive a biodiesel car for which I make my own biodiesel out of used vegetable oil. It makes that new Audi look like the Exxon Valdez. Okay, so it's not a shiny, new Audi. It's a 25-year-old Mercedes, but still. Won't Al Gore give me some points for being green? Not likely.

You see, it's all about show. Al Gore's house, which uses 5 times the electricity of mine, got the green house seal of approval. Meanwhile, as he shuttles off to some far-flung destination in the warmth and comfort of a private, jet-fuel-guzzling aircraft, I'm puttering off to work in Bennie the BioBenz. It's not because I'm green. It's because I hate paying $3 a gallon for fuel. That makes me an evil capitalist and Al Gore the savior of the Earth. Go figure. Maybe I should buy a new Audi.