Train hit man seated on tracks

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Marshall County man - struck by a train on Saturday in Lewisburg - was pronounced dead at the scene, police said that evening.

An autopsy was sought for Rochee Reder, 31, Police Chief Chuck Forbis said. Reder was seen by railroad employees seated on the train's right of way before he was struck.

The train's engineer and a co-worker said they saw something but at first couldn't tell what it was, the chief said.

"As they got closer they could tell it was a person sitting on the right rail," Forbis said. "They blew the horn but he never moved until he was struck."

Reder's driver's license showed his address as 668 Colburn Drive, Lewisburg, police said. Another city official said Reder was also known as Charles Reder and that he lived on Centennial Avenue.

"We're not certain that he was living there, but that's the last address" recorded, the chief said.

Lewisburg Police detectives are continuing to investigate, Forbis said.

A railroad employee on the train called 911 at about 5:04 p.m. Feb. 13, saying the train struck a person on the tracks, he said.

Police went to the tracks near Fox Lane and found Reder on the west side of the tracks down at the bottom of the embankment, Forbis said. The tracks are elevated there by about 12-13 feet. The train was traveling toward Fox Lane and away from West Commerce Street.

Marshall County Emergency Medical Services responded, pronounced him dead at the scene and took him to the morgue.

"We believe he may have been alive when he was struck," Forbis said, refraining from issuing a definitive statement pending results of the autopsy.

Reder's wife and mother were notified of his death by noon Sunday.