Public records

Friday, February 19, 2010

Marriage Licenses

Brandon Wade Anderson and Christine Prince Marquez; Rickie Campbell and Jasmine Denise Hall; Lamonn Lee Harris and Talitha Leann Haislip; Ronnie James Love and Karen Annette Jones Phelan; Alvin Thomas McGee III and Rebecca Marie Stone McGee; Billy Joe Ring and Mary Pauline Graves Harrison; Elijah Paul Stuard and Michelle Lynn Yarborough Welch.

Business Listings

Grasshoppers, 4961 Pyles Rd, Chapel Hill, TN 37034, owner: Sam Palazzolo; Homegrown Sales & Promotions, 1501 Christi Ave, Chapel Hill, TN 37034, owner: Thomas Harper; Legacy, 924 Ellington Pkwy, Lewisburg, TN 37091, owner: Crystal Powell Sellars; Mark Stuard Trucking, 464 Spring Creek St A6, Chapel Hill, TN 37034, owner: Mark Stuard; Osborne Lawncare, 1323 Horseshoe Dr, Lewisburg, TN 37091, owner: Ted Osborne; Steve's Electrical Service and Contractor, 2135 Horton Way, Chapel Hill, TN 37034, owner: Steven Leathers.

Land Transfers

Hearthstone S/D, Lot 35, $65,100, District 1, from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Buffalo Valley Inc.; Unionville Road, 6.45 acres, $36,000, District 1, from Vicki Burnette to Clinton R. Edmonson; Main Street, $97,000, District 1, from Dennis W. and Tonette Burlison to Salvatore and Cynthia Palazzolo; Hunters Paradise S/D, Section 5, Lot 1, $128,000, District 2, from Jack E. and Rosemary T. Ferrer to Seanery L. and Amanda R. Hill; Farmington Belfast Road, $91,000, District 2, from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Tonie M. and Richard E. Knie;

Hunters Run Dr, 2.20 acres, $175,000, District 3, from Richard and Lisa A. Reyes to William C. and Elaine I. Randolph; Timberhills S/D, Section 3, Lot 4, $92,000, District 3, from HSBC Mortgage Services Inc. to Eddy D. Brooks; Village West S/D, Section 1, Lot 10, $49,500, District 3, from Federal National Mortgage Association and Wilson & Associated PLLC Atty in Fact to Gary Francis; Annie Liggett S/D, Lots 12 and 13, $10,000, District 3, from BAC Home Loans Servicing LP to Joseph D. Blalock; Dixie Addition, Lots 37 and 39, $7,500, District 4, from Sarah G., Jennifer L. and Karie M. Campbell to Robert D. and Felicia R. Holman.