Catalpa news

Friday, February 19, 2010


I hate to start out another week with the same subject, but here it is: another snowy weekend and it is still snowing. The school kids will have to go all summer if it doesn't quit snowing.

We had some back Sunday at church, but some were still out for one reason or another. We hop if you were sick that you get to feeling better.

Alice pack was missed again as she was snowed in in Virginia. They couldn't get out until Saturday to even get some necessary food. John was down to two Diet Cokes on Thursday and he was sweating it, afraid he would run out. Alice went for eight days and wound up staying 11 days. Welcome home.

Hope everyone had a nice Valentine and enjoyed lots of flowers and candy.

Jeff, Charlie, Logan, Meriel and Juanita Pack attended church Sunday night at Howell Church of Christ. The elders called off Catalpa's services that night because of the weather and so the Carpenters could go back to Madison, Ala. because they had more snow that morning than we did.

We had a large crowd at the Pickin'n'Grinnin' in our new place. Everyone seemed to enjoy the new place. Thanks to Mr. Hal Sanders for the use of his building. Several of the regulars were missed, but we had some new ones.

Sympathy is extended to the former Helen Doris Wells on the death of her son, Matt Latch, in Florida. He was buried Saturday in Talley Cemetery. Also sympathy is extended to Barbara Thornton and family on the death of her sister, Mrs. Stubblefield. She was buried on Monday.

See you next week.