Man accused of biting hand that fed him

Friday, March 26, 2010

A convicted sex offender living near Lewisburg's public square was back in Marshall County's Jail on Wednesday, charged with burglary and theft at a business where the owner tried to help him.

David M. Gordon, 35, who'd been living at a Second Avenue apartment, is accused of crawling through the front window of the Corner Cafe shortly after midnight when he cut the electrical cord to the cash register and carried it out of the building, according to Michael Farrar, owner of the cafe.

Gordon had been asking for odd-job employment around town and Farrar paid him to help clean up after a tree was removed from his property across Church Street from Bank of America. That was before Farrar knew Gordon was on the Sexual Offender Registry list maintained by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

Other odd jobs were considered for Gordon, Farrar said of the man who'd been at, but not employed by the restaurant. Some of those experiences led Farrar to think about Gordon as a suspect and so he went to the man's apartment.

Once they were face to face, Gordon told Farrar that he would pay him back. Farrar took Gordon to the restaurant where two police officers were gathering information for their report. At about that time, Gordon made statements against his interest and he was also advised of his rights.

Farrar also said Gordon told him that at about 12:30 a.m. Wednesday he'd thrown the cash register into the metal trash box on the Courthouse driveway in the vicinity of the handicapped entrance to the building - three floors below the window to the state prosecutor's office.

Farrar has another business in the restaurant building that was originally constructed as the Sheriff's Office. Farrar is a bail bondsman.

"I always deal with criminals," Farrar said. "And I'm a big believer in second chances... I've had people disappoint me, but this is the first one who's done me this way.

"That's bigger than the damage to the cash register," he said. "I'll be more cautious."

As of noon Wednesday, Farrar had not been able to recover the cash register. He'd learned that contents of the trash bin had been hauled away.

He's also dealing with repair costs that include an electrician hired to deal with problems that arose when the cash register cord was cut, Farrar said.