Catalpa news

Friday, March 26, 2010

Hello again.

My news will be a little different this week. I am slowly recovering from suffering a stroke last Tuesday, and my daughter is doing my typing. Luckily, the only major problem is I now have limited eyesight and some numbness on my left side. There is every hope that my eyesight will slowly return. Please keep me in your prayers.

I spent Wednesday in the Emergency Room and Thursday through Monday in Marshall Medical Center. Thanks to all who called and visited me during that time. I finally got back home Monday afternoon.

Friends and Family Day at Catalpa was wonderful from what I have heard. There were 62 present for services. Bro. Carpenter had a wonderful lesson and the singing was great. Most everyone stayed for the delicious barbecued pork and chicken cooked by Tony Williams. The other members provided the fixin's and desserts.

We were glad to have several former members join us. Mike, Kim, Raine, Jake and Ann Murdock (along with Raine's boyfriend); Tammie Calys; Tim, Melonie and Jordan Pack; Kim Carpenter and one of her girls; Bryan Williams; Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Williams; April Smith Garsnik; Wendy and Jenna Ridley; Billy Douglas; and Amber Douglas were all welcomed guests, along with other friends who came for the day. We were also glad to have Bro. Henry and Agnes Pendergrass attend our services. We hope all of our visitors will come back often.

Judy Dirting and Terri Pack were able to be at lunch Sunday, but several were missed. Jesse Head, Tammy Kellar, Julie Murdock and I were all out sick.

Everyone needs to mark their calendars on Saturday, April 10, for Ladies' Day at Lone Oak Church of Christ in Richmond. Maxie Fortner will be bringing the message entitled "Bloom Where You're Planted." Registration begins at 8:30 a.m., and the program will be from 9 a.m. until noon, with lunch to follow.

Since I have been out of pocket the news is a little short this week. Hope to have more next time, but I will close with another poem from Helen Steiner Rice. Thanks for your patience and hope to do better next week.

Friends Are Life's Gift of Love

If people like me

Didn't know people like you

Life would lose its meaning

And richness, too.

For the friends that we make

Are life's give of love.

And I think friends are sent

Right from Heaven above.

And thinking of you

Somehow makes me feel

That God is love

And He's very real.