Catalpa News

Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring is definitely in the air around Catalpa. Trees, bushes and flowers are all in full bloom. What a wonderful sight to behold. It will soon be gardening and grass-mowing time again. With all the warm days and rain that we have been having, it won't be far off, I'm sure.

Hope all of you are ready for Easter. The kids always love to hunt Easter eggs and families usually spend time together this time of year. Catalpa used to have egg hunts every year, but we have so few children now and I guess we will have to pass this year.

We hope to have a good crowd at church Sunday with everyone in their new Easter clothes.

I want to thank all of my readers, friends and family who have called or come by to check on me as I am recovering at home. We have lost count of all the calls, cards, and "Get Well" wishes sent my way. Thanks to Janice Harris who came and stayed with me some, Alice for her chauffeuring and help, Donna at Shear Image for making a much-needed house call to wash and set my hair, and everyone who has brought by food to help Meriel keep us fed.

Concern and "Get Well" wishes go out to Kenneth Boles as he recovers from a stroke suffered last week. Also to Dot Hastings who is still hobbling on her foot.

This past Sunday was our day at Merihil. Bro. Carpenter made the talk, Gary Douglas led the singing, and several of our number was there to support them. There were not as many residents and visitors in attendance as there usually are, though. They were missed.

Our sympathy goes out to Janice and Doylene, along with the rest of their family, over the death of their aunt, Avis Sawyers of Fayetteville. They had to miss our nursing home service and night service last week because of visitation. Avis had just been moved to Donalson Nursing Home after spending time at a hospital in Huntsville following a stroke. Alice and Meriel went to visitation Sunday night.

With warmer weather, come Gospel Meetings, and one of the first in this area was the one at Northside Church of Christ in Fayetteville, with David Fanning of Petersburg Church of Christ doing the preaching. It was held from March 28-31; sorry that I didn't get it in the paper last week, but I didn't know about it in time. Corey Barnett will be holding a meeting soon at Po-Grab (Bledsoe), but I don't have the dates yet.

Don't forget Ladies' Day at Lone Oak Church of Christ on Saturday, April 10.

I also want to remind everyone again of the Genesco Reunion coming up on April 17. Everyone is to meet at the Lewisburg Rec Center around 10 a.m. and eat soon thereafter. Seems we have fewer and fewer there each year, and several names added to our deceased list. We want to thank Gene Parsons who tends to this every year.

A belated Happy Birthday to Sue Lyle of Petersburg, who used to run Liberty Valley Retirement Home. Her birthday was on Monday, March 29. Best wishes on your special day, Sue. Both my granddaughters, Kami and Shawnee Upchurch, will be having birthdays soon as well. Kami will be 11 on April 11, and Shawnee will be six on the 21st. I also want to wish everyone else with birthdays coming up a big "Happy Birthday."

In closing I will finish with another poem from Helen Steiner Rice.


April comes with cheeks a-glowing,

Silver streams are all a-flowing.

Flowers open wide their eyes

In lovely, rapturous surprise.

Lilies dream beside the brooks,

Violets in meadows' nooks.

And the birds, gone wild with glee

Fill the woods with melody.