Public records

Friday, April 2, 2010

Marriage Licenses

Robert Wayne Webb and Nannapat Supap; Lonnie Eugene Allison and Melissa Diane Brewer Toungett; Corey James Davis and Chery Elizabeth Hewitt; Archie Osborn Jr. and Pamela Jeanette Oliver; Carl E. Sapaugh and Debra Kay Bacon Harrison.

Business Listings

All Seasons Lawn Care and Pressure Washing, 930 Walnut St, Lewisburg, TN, 37091, owner: Robert Webb; Busy Bee Market, 711 Cornersville Rd, Lewisburg, TN 37091, owner: Gangadhara K. Bandura; Southeast Commercial Cleaning and Building Maintenance, 929 Kenny Nelson Rd, Lewisburg, TN 37091, owner: Virgil H. Haney.

Land Transfers

Sparks S/D, Section 1, Lot 1, 4.13 acres, $25,000, District 1, from John and Marquita L. Sparks to Samuel D. O'Neal;

Roberts Fuller Tracts, Lot 15, $37,500, District 2, from Green Tree Servicing to Iris Y. Jones; Hunters Paradise, Section II, Phase III, Lot 17, $17,500, District 2, from John and Dawn Kornovich to Michael A. and Laurie P. Schwartz; Holmes Property S/D, Lot 6A, 2.90 acres, $115,900, District 2, from Joseph Daughrity and David Robinson to Renee E. Elliott; Franklin Highlands S/D, Lot 10, $2,250, District 3, from Barbara Martin to Faye Janke;

Tract, $2,250, District 3, from Mike Martin aka Michael A. Martin to Faye Janke; Hwy 40 S/D, Lot 1, $63,000, District 3, from Gary Finley to Joshua P. and Melodie J. Leathers;

Cornersville Road, 0.61 acres, $300,000, District 3, from Todd and Merry Ferguson to Gangadhara and Vijayalakshmi Bandaru; Fairview S/D, Section 7, Lot 172, and Tract, 0.18 acres, $103,500, District 3, from Samuel M. and Betsy J. Shelton to Leonard R. and Linda D. Harris; Spring Creek S/D, Section 3, Lot 9, $278,300, from Richard A. and Kristina L. Krull to Jeffrey L. and Cindy A. Sharp; Daniel Knight S/D, Lot 1, $108,600, from Jeffrey W. Moore to Linda Knight. The following people transferred land for $0 to the Tennessee Department of Transportation: Brian M. Dalton; Robert E. Tucker; Christine G. Turner; M. E. and Mary L. Tate; Edith D. Childress; Duck River EMC; Billy S. and Ruby A. Turner; Sudie B. Milam; Larry Sharp TR and Rheta E. Sharp Haislip Estate; City of Lewisburg.