Plaque replaced in Rock Creek Park

Wednesday, April 7, 2010
Lewisburg Public Works Construction Supervisor Bill Curtis replaces a plaque that honors fallen servicemen who fought in the Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom Campaigns.

The plaque naming three military servicemen from Marshall County was returned on Monday to a stone pedestal in Rock Creek Park where it pays tribute to military service men and women who fought and died for freedom.

One month ago, a juvenile took the metal plaque from the pedestal and dropped it from the pedestrian bridge over Rock Creek, according to city officials. Lewisburg Firefighter Wayne Blackwell recovered the plaque from Rock Creek on March 8.

Lewisburg Public Works Construction Supervisor Bill Curtis on Monday bolted the plaque to the pedestal, explaining that, at first, it had been put into place on wet cement that didn't hold the plaque in place.

One Lewisburg boy has been taken into custody on a petition asking Juvenile Court Judge Steve Bowden to declare him delinquent because the act, if committed by an adult, would be a crime. The child was scheduled to appear in Marshall County Juvenile Court on Tuesday next week.

The plaque commemorates the Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom Campaigns saying that the public's "enjoyment of this park and all your other freedoms have been secured by the sacrifice of, among others, from Marshall County, Todd Nunes, 1974-2004. David Hierholzer, 1979-2006, and Marc Golczynski, 1977-2007."

A few days after the tribute was desecrated, Lewisburg's City Council, Police Chief Chuck Forbis and City Manager Eddie Fuller offered to donate money to the Crime Stoppers of Marshall County for information leading to the apprehension of the individual, or people who were responsible for the vandalism.

At least $1,000 would have been paid, but on Monday afternoon, Fuller said, "Nobody has asked to claim it. The people who turned the kid in did it before the reward was offered."

As a result, no reward was paid, Fuller said, noting the informant did the right thing without any expectation of reward.