Titans support TCAP

Wednesday, April 14, 2010
Titans quarterback Vince Young greets the crowd at Chapel Hill Elementary School Monday during the Titans caravan stop.

The Tennessee Titans 2010 caravan season, headlined by starting quarterback Vince Young and the ever popular team mascot T-Rac made their first two stops of the year in Marshall County on Monday.

More then 900 Lewisburg elementary school students, packed in the Dottie Kelso Memorial Gymnasium at Marshall County High School were the first Titan fans to witness the brand new program.

After an hour long program at MCHS, the Titans caravan packed up and headed north to Chapel Hill Elementary School where Young and T-Rac again entertained the young students at that school.

During the school visits, Young, T-Rac and Titans Radio Gameday Host Larry Stone delivered a message to students about developing study habits, making good choices and setting goals.

The Marshall County Extension Agency, the Marshall County Board of Education, and the Marshall County Board of Health sponsored and coordinated the event in Lewisburg.

Michelle Ashley, UT Family Consumer Science/4H Agent said, "We love the kids, we love the community and we wanted everyone to be able to know that we are just not sit-behind-the-desk agents. We are agents that want to get out in the community and provide opportunities for students and their families. We really took a hold of this and ran with it because we knew this would be a big deal for the students we work with on a daily basis."

The emphasis of the program in Marshall County was on TCAP testing, which began on Tuesday and runs through the rest of the week.

Ashley said about the testing and the timing of the caravans, "Number one is we want the students to understand the importance of doing well on their TCAP tests and number two is the importance of making healthy decisions such as getting a good amount of physical activity and eating right. We just want them to have a good time and motivate them for their testing that starts tomorrow."

The Titans program coincides with the NFL's "Play 60" theme which emphasizes and encourages children to stay healthy by getting daily exercise.

Young talked about kicking off the Titans' first caravans of the year, "Being in the community is exciting because the community and our fans are behind us 100 percent. Kicking off the caravan this year is the first thing we want to accomplish as a team on our way to the Super Bowl, so I am happy to be here getting these guys excited so they can finish their school year off."

Young added, "Our message is to stay focused, have good behavior and take care of your responsibilities. When the summertime comes around make good choices with your friends and get involved in extracurricular activities."

Young, a graduate of the University of Texas also talked directly to the students in Marshall County getting ready for the TCAP testing.

"It's a big situation for yourself," said Young. "You have got to have the basic skills in life. They can get them now and make good choices on their successes that are coming up. A lot of the kids are getting a little itchy about summertime and things like that. You have one more goal to accomplish and that is to take care of your tests, so best of luck to all the kids."

When asked how he did on his standardized tests, Young smiled and said, "I was nervous too, but I feel like our teachers and our principal did a phenomenal job of getting us prepared. Study hard and take advantage of the different strategies you have and I know you will all be all right."

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